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providing sound property advice
From site acquisition, securing occupational rights, and providing advisory, our Property team provides the framework underlying the development of essential infrastructure, and enables better land utilization.

how we can help

Made up of property consultants, acquisition specialists and valuers, our uniquely qualified Property team can quickly adapt to the ever-changing requirements of our clients, in order to meet their needs and produce balanced solutions. 

Here’s how we can help you with property-related decisions:

  • Site acquisition and advisory – provide strategic advice for large infrastructure projects, in telecommunications and the renewable energy sector   

  • Occupational rights – secure rights to change the future use of the land 

  • Engagement – form partnerships with land owners throughout the process  

  • Due diligence and property advice – review council property files, conduct legal and industry research, and advise on a broad range of matters relating to property 

  • Commercial lease negotiation – provide advice, explain the implications of lease clauses, and assist in customised contracts 

  • Commercial property management – from managing day to day occupation issues, rental collection and cash flows, through to overall management with lease negotiation, and strategic management advisory 

  • Planning, asbestos and contaminated land – our in-house teams work seamlessly with our property team to manage requirements for commercial buildings

  • Valuation – provide guidance should any be required through our in-house registered valuer  

  • GIS – draw on the expertise of our GIS service to spatially classify, analyse and plan for future land use change 

August 2022 marked a significant step in the evolution of 4Sight as we became part of SLR, a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions.  We can now offer our clients an even greater range of specialist technical services, which you can view here.


can't see the forest 

for the Trees?

Bringing expertise, integrity and clarity to your property decisions. 

property projects

Our Property team has considerable experience in large infrastructure projects, specifically in the telecommunications and renewable energy sector. By securing the occupational rights, and developing a programme for the ongoing developments, they provide a platform for our Planning, Ecology, Environmental Services and Landscape Architecture teams to gain the consents and prepare the project for construction.  

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