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BRINGING IMAGINATION TO LIFE. helping create a one of a kind venue.

Client:        Yellow Pages
Sector:       Private
Services:    Planning & Policy, Resource Consents

As part of an innovative advertising campaign, Yellow Pages constructed a unique temporary venue to be operated as a restaurant, halfway up a Redwood tree in rural Auckland. 

The restaurant formed the focal point for a nationwide advertising commercial, with the construction process and initial operation of the temporary venue being filmed and used in compiling the advertisement. 

4Sight assisted with preparing and managing the resource consent process and providing initial feedback on the site and design brief.  We took a collaborative approach with the project team to achieve the design intention for the treehouse, handling specific issues raised during the consenting process. Some of these issues included traffic management, intensity and scale of use, noise and other potential effects on adjacent rural sites. 4Sight also addressed district and regional planning requirements, to ensure the project adhered to these and non-notified consent was achieved. 

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