The resource consent subdivision process can be tricky to navigate, costly and even compromise design outcomes if not handled correctly.

However, with the involvement of a reputable planning consultant, you’ll be able to concentrate on the bigger picture without compromising your design vision. Download the Developers Guide to the Resource Consents Process to find out:

  • How the consents process works – Our developers guide will provide everything you need to know about developing and/or subdividing your property, and the process required to acquire resource consent for the development works. 

  • How working with a reputable planning consultant can speed up the consents process – The project’s anticipated effects and outcomes need to be closely aligned with council expectations to ensure project objectives are met. Getting a planning consultant involved early on will mean that we can manage expectations, and any development constraints or opportunities can be incorporated into the project design. 

  • How consent requirements can be met and managed – There may be special constraints to development of your site, such as land contamination or ecological features that will need to be addressed and managed. It is important to understand these requirements and build the process to deal with them into your construction timetable to avoid delays or additional costs. You also need to be aware of costs such as development impact fees that may be charged once resource consent is granted, and before final signoff can be received from council.




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