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Client:        Quality Planning Resource
Sector:       Public
Services:    Planning & Policy, Central Government

Launched in 2001, the Quality Planning Website provides resource management practitioners with robust guidance on all aspects of the Resource Management Act (RMA). 4Sight has contributed to this vital tool, ensuring that it always reflects current best practice and the latest legislative developments.

The guidance notes on the Quality Planning website must be continually updated to reflect current best practice and legislative developments, and at times new guidance notes need to be produced. 4Sight's role in this included:

  • Reviewing and updating guidance notes to reflect emerging good practice and legislative changes;

  • Developing and reviewing new guidance notes;

  • Project managing the transition of Quality Planning from a MfE-led to a partnership-led model of delivery; and

  • Managing the day-to-day aspects of the Quality Planning programme.

The Quality Planning program is a partnership between key resource management organisations. 4Sight reinforces this partnership approach by working as a key part of the client's team, often in-house, and by working collaboratively with:

  • The Quality Planning Partners;

  • Organisations responsible for resource management policy and regulation, such as central and local government;

  • Industry groups;

  • Other Resource management specialists.

Our approach is also underpinned by continually remaining up-to-date with emerging changes to the RMA and associated legislation, and to the development of other new legislation relevant to resource management combined with our extensive practical experience in delivering projects.

4Sight has been involved in the Quality Planning Website for many years. Our work ensures that industry professionals get up-to-date guidance on RMA processes and other related legislations, topics for new guidance notes are fully investigated and the Quality Planning programme has appropriate project management support when needed.

Quality Planning Resource
Planning & Policy
Central Government
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