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auction house


Client:        Thornton Auctions
Sector:       Private
Services:    Planning & Policy, Resource Consents

To meet their growing business needs, 4Sight was engaged to provide planning advice and assist Thornton Auctions with obtaining resource consent and a liquor license for their new premises in a light industrial in Mount Wellington. 

Due to the sales nature of auctions, auction houses are considered as retail activities which are generally discouraged in industrial zones as they are primarily for activities such as manufacturing and distribution. Despite this, 4Sight recognised the unique nature and needs of auction houses that sets them apart from your typical ‘retail activities' and which makes them well-suited to commercial and light industrial areas. 4Sight managed the consenting process, provided strong justification, and overcame obstacles to the delivery of consent decisions for their client. 

4Sight were able to successfully secure a non-complying resource consent on a non-notified basis and obtain a liquor license for a new auction house for Thornton Auctions in a light industrial area in Mount Wellington.

"After researching various consultants to suit our needs for building and liquor consents 4Sight were engaged due to their scope of work, professionalism and willingness to work with a frustrated and very keen client. 4Sight were able to translate into laymen’s terms and work through the minefield of council requirements providing an excellent result for us. We felt we had the whole 4Sight team working with us right from the day of engagement. They were clear, answered all of our questions, worked with council for us and took the stress right out of the whole process. When we require further consents the first people we will call is 4Sight and I would recommend others do too."

- Alex Dawson, Director, Thornton Auctions

Thornton Auctions
Planning & Policy
Resource Consents
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