We're passionate about environmental sustainability
and believe in 'walking the talk'.

We've been measuring and monitoring our direct impacts for many years, and are continuously working to reduce those impacts. In 2010, we won a Sustainable Business Network Award for our commitment to not just advocating for sustainability but to achieving our own sustainability goals. We became an accredited carboNZero CEMARS organisation in 2012, and in 2014 we were recognised by the SBC for demonstrating exemplary sustainability practices in the areas of governance and transparency. 4Sight is a Fairtrade Workplace and practices sustainable procurement and environmental management by measuring energy consumption, waste output and carbon emissions on an annual basis, and providing a public account of our sustainability aims and performance. For more information on our carbon reduction targets or if you’d like to view our carbon emissions reporting, visit our profile page on the Enviro-Mark Solutions website or click here to see a summary of our latest CEMARS certification.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided it was time for the 4Sight team to make some resolutions. Our resolutions are a series of simple statements we aim to use to develop our culture and engage with others, to prove we are living our values. Check out our summary of living our values here.

Our environmental and sustainable procurement policies lay the foundations for our in-house environmental sustainability activities. You'll find more information on both of these policies here.