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property group

working through historic challenges and undertaking due diligence to meet the needs of the client.

Client:        Whitehorse Property Group Limited
Sector:       Private
Services:    Environmental, Resource Consents

4Sight was engaged by Whitehorse Property in 2016 to provide environmental due diligence advice in relation to potential property acquisition. The EDD process was used to facilitate the land purchase, and further investigation of soil and groundwater was undertaken to support the resource consent process.

A thorough understanding of environmental risk and presentation of this risk in a commercial context is critical to an effective environmental diligence process.  4Sight was able to mobilise at short notice, understand the key environmental risks, and deliver this information to the client in a manner which facilitated their property transaction.

4Sight was then able to use this information to design an intrusive site investigation to adequately identify potential contaminants in soil and groundwater, delineate the extent of contamination, and facilitate obtaining resource consent for development.

Whitehorse Property had identified land suitable for the construction of a multilevel apartment development on the CBD fringe in Auckland.  The property had a lengthy history, with land use including a range of commercial and industrial activities that presented a number of potential environmental risks.  Services provided by 4Sight included:

  • Conducting a fast turn-around environmental due diligence assessment

  • Desktop assessment of soil and groundwater contamination

  • Intrusive soil and groundwater works (drilling, soil analysis, groundwater monitoring)

  • Preparation of reports to support the resource consent process

To date, 4Sight has provided timely advice to the client in both the acquisition of the property and obtaining resource consent for the development of the site.  This has included using our knowledge of the local regulatory framework to prepare work scope that satisfied both the client and the regulatory authorities.

"We have worked with Aaron and his team on multiple projects now and have found 4Sight to be responsive, efficient and effective. This site contained a number of challenges due to both its historic and existing use and Nigel has successfully worked through these issues whilst carrying out environmental diligence work and soil groundwater assessments. We highly recommended 4sight.

- Steve Bond, Project Manager, Whitehorse Property Group

Whitehorse Property
Group Ltd.
Resource Consents
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